2017 NFL News And Updates: Do These Surprising Moves Decide The Season?

By Jeff Thompson - 15 Mar '17 12:02PM

Though it is just a week that the 2017-18 season started, the teams are getting ready for the season with changes and trades to reflect their needs. The fans saw new recruitments, trades, and releases by different teams that can make the teams do or die in this year's league. The previous week saw a lot of trades in the free agency which can be simply described as "arming for the season."

The move to bring Brandin Cooks to its side by Patriots is considered to be a highly calculated move. It should be noted that Cooks did an impressive performance in 2016 with 1,173 yards, 78 receptions, and eight touchdowns. It is reported that the wide receiver would assist quarterback Tom Brady in the offensive line. The head coach of Patriots, Bill Belichick wants more talents around Tom Brady to repeat the champion performance of the season 2016.

Another important sign this time is wide receiver DeSean Jackson to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The man of energy in grounds would for sure be an added advantage for the team as he is expected to give an easy run for quarterback Jameis Winston. Jackson is known for his consistent delivery as he completed 1,000 yards in three of the last four seasons. He is also expected to advance the passing attack of the Buccaneers. In 2016, he completed 17.9 yards per catch.

Another move that raised some eyebrows was done by the Green Bay Packers as the team brought tight ends Lance Kendricks and Martellus Bennett to its side. Many experts praised the move that changed the pace the offense of Packers. The players' statistics show that together Kendricks and Martellus completed 1,200 yards, 105 catches, and nine touchdowns last year. With the move, Packers would be looking to settle its flaws in play runs as it was listed in the bottom four according to NFL statistics of the last four seasons.

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