Black Men Are Perceived Stronger And Taller Than White Counterparts; Data Of Study Shows Otherwise

By Jeff Thompson - 15 Mar '17 12:07PM

A recent study related to the height and weight of black and white men revealed some interesting facts. It shows many people believe that black men are stronger and taller than white counterparts. A recent study on the belief showed that there is no relation with the belief to the actual data gathered.

The study by American Psychological Association did a random research using 950 online participants to understand how black and white men are perceived, showed the above results. The participants rated black men as taller, stronger, and scarier than white men. It has brought few interesting facts like both white and black participants rated black men as more taller and strong, but black participants did not rate black men as dangerous. In black men, people with black facial features like large lips, wide nose, etc., were receiving a more biased rating in statistics.

The study has a significance in the wake of shooting at the black victims as many shootings are described as “menacing” by the police. The stereotypical misconceptions on the physical factors according to the skin color is considered to be the main reason for these shootings, and the study might help the officials to apply a checklist mechanism in the police force. Common people also think that black boys are more dangerous, and the fault could be from them rather than be blaming the police.

Interestingly, for the studies, the association used the photos of College Football players as their height and weight details are accurately available on the internet. The studies have shown that the height and weight of average black men and white men across U.S. are almost similar. The data taken by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that an average white man at his 20, would weigh 199 pounds which are quite same to an average black man at 20. Even the average height of both stood at around 5-foot-10.

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