'Overwatch' News & Update: Orisa To Be Playable Soon, What We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 15 Mar '17 11:57AM

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that Orisa will be released in "Overwatch" on March 21. The new character that has been added and tested in PC will be playable in the game.

According to a report, Orisa is the 24th character of "Overwatch" and is the third post-released character. Orisa followed Ana and Sumbra in joining the game. A new behind-the-scenes video of the game shows of Orisa's origin and its design philosophy.

It is indicated that Orisa is a creation of Efi Oladele who is a prodigy and is 11 years old. Orisa is also the youngest hero in "Overwatch." The new character is described to be the central anchor of the team in the game. She can protect her team in the game.

A report indicated that Orisa is a kind of a massive damage-absorbing hero in "Overwatch." She is one that everyone in the team can rally behind. Orisa is a combination of Reinhardt who is a big and big character and Zarya who has a laser gun.

Orisa also has four legs and is a robot in "Overwatch." The character's main gun has two functions, Fusion Driver and Halt. Orisa's Fusion Driver is a long range machine gun. She moves slowly while using this feature. Halt, on the other hand, will allow Orisa to throw away gravitation balls to suck it to the enemies.

Orisa's damage intake can also be lessened by 50 percent with the Fortify. It is tank ability for the game's character. Orisa also protects her teammates with the Protective Barrier in "Overwatch." The Supercharger is Orisa's ultimate ability in the game.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has revealed plans for "Overwatch's" future. There will be more revelations for the game's heroes in the future. It seems that Blizzard will have more stories to tell about its characters. The lates one that has been added is Orisa.

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