Baxter, A New Robot That Can Read Minds And Knows Right And Wrong; Understanding Emotions Next

By Carrie Winters - 08 Mar '17 17:21PM

Researchers recently created a robot that can read minds. This robot responds to commands from thinking rather than electronic ones.

According to a report, this robot can understand human signals while connected to the ECG machine. It responds depending on what the human is feeling at a certain time. The researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory designed the robot called Baxter.

Baxter responds to negative signals from the human's mind. Daniela Rus, Director of MIT CSAIL shared that all the human will do is agree or disagree with what the robot is doing. There is no need to train the mind on what to think about. Rus added that the machine adapts to what the human is thinking and responds accordingly.

The robot also has the ability to ask for human advice every time it is unsure on what it is doing. This feature has been included in the system. This kind of feature for the robot opens up a communication between the robot and the human through yes or no.

Baxter can communicate with humans in just an instant. Rus added that this is a new way to communicate with robots. Baxter communicating with humans through the mind is a natural way and not just the technical way where robots are being commanded electronically.

A report indicated that, at this time, the technology is operating at a binary level since Baxter only knows if something is wrong or right. However, as technology moves forward there may be an improvement with how the robots can communicate with humans.

Rus noted that the researchers are interested to expand the communication levels of robots and humans. She shared that it may move forward with detecting emotions as the research continues. As of this time, Baxter is the latest robot made that has elevated the level of communication between humans and robots.

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