Kawhi Leonard Reinvents Himself After Every Game; Here's Some Interesting Facts About Him

By Jeff Thompson - 09 Mar '17 05:30AM

Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs is creating an incredible performance season after season. He becomes stronger day by day. Looking at the way he delivered on Monday, the team was trailing against Houston before the fourth quarter, and he came out with a stunning 17 and grabbed the game for the team at 112-110, and he scored totally 39 points in total. During the final moments, he scored a valuable 3 points and blocked James Harden of Houston from scoring.

Since Leonard joined the league in the 2011-12 season, the successive years saw his performance steadily going up, and he is on the way for the NBA MVP this year. Leonard's offense usage percentage is going up year after year, and now it is touching at 31.2 percent, and it should be noted that in the 2013-14 season, it was just 18.3 percent. This means that he could double his efficiency and effectiveness as a player in the interval. He has 106.1 points per every 100 possessions, and it is one of the best in the league.

Interestingly, he gets only 37 percent assistance on his 2-pointers, and this means that he creates his own offense and scoring. Incidentally, he has 61.7 shooting percentage during this season, and it means that he surpassed last year's his own record of 61.6 percent. A careful analysis shows that instead of focusing on 3 points, he started getting more 2 points and its percentage has gone up. His gaming shows excellent skills of quick curls near the board and pull-up moves that help him scoring way better on the court.

These skills and his ability to understand the situation is making him one of the best players of recent times. Though he is not an excellent passer like other players, he puts the hard work and improving the areas where he lacks. The years also saw him growing from a defensive player to an all-round player with great offensive skills. Since he is just 25 years old, the coming years may see a more offensive player in him.

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