Baxter, A New Robot That Can Read Minds And Knows Right And Wrong; Understanding Emotions Next

By Carrie Winters - Mar 08, 2017 05:21 PM EST

A new robot has been made by researchers to read minds. Baxter is the latest robot that has a different way in communicating.

Robots Have Sex and Create the First Ever ‘Robot Baby’

Robots Have Sex and Create the First Ever ‘Robot Baby’

By Kanika Gupta - Jun 03, 2016 05:32 PM EDT

Now the robots are one step closer to being as humans as they can be. They can not only choose their mate but also have sex and create “Robot babies.” A team of scientists from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam proved this successfully by creating the first robot parents who gave birth to a baby robot.

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Puma Creates Robot That Can Keep Up With Human Athletes

By Jenn Loro - May 02, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

Puma has just built the ultimate training tool for professional runners. BeatBot is the German footwear company’s creative way of giving athletes a visual competitor and running partner on the field.

Live and Kicking Robot Printed by 3D Printer

Live and Kicking Robot Printed by 3D Printer

By Kanika Gupta - Apr 07, 2016 03:52 PM EDT

It might sound like something out of a science movie but researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created a unique 3D printing procedure that develops a fully functional robot as soon as it is printed.

Water Strider Robot

Nature Inspired: Robot That Walks On Water And Jumps

By Peter R - Aug 01, 2015 07:42 PM EDT

A multidisciplinary team of scientists were inspired by the water strider to create an inspect that walk on water and jump off the surface without breaking through.

SoftBank Corp. Chairman Masayoshi Son Attends Media Event On Consumer Sales Launch Of Pepper Robot

And It Begins - Robot Kills a Man at Volkswagen Plant in Germany

By Kamal Nayan - Jul 02, 2015 02:59 AM EDT

A robot has killed a contractor at one of Volkswagen's production plants in Germany, according to reports. The automaker confirmed the news Wednesday.

SoftBank Corp. Chairman Masayoshi Son Attends Media Event On Consumer Sales Launch Of Pepper Robot

Google's AI Chatbot Is Getting A Bit Too Smart For Comfort

By R. Siva Kumar - Jul 01, 2015 06:51 AM EDT

The Chatbot answers all your questions but isn't the answer to the ultimate mystery of life.

Cockroach Inspired Robot

Researchers Unveil Cockroach-Inspired Robot That Can Fit Into Small Places [Video]

By Kamal Nayan - Jun 24, 2015 12:41 PM EDT

Researchers have unveiled a new kind of robot that's inspired from cockroaches in terms of navigating through very tight spaces.

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How Replaceable Are You? Newly-Developed Calculator Predicts Likelihood of Robots Stealing Your Job in the Future

By Peter R - Jun 18, 2015 01:54 PM EDT

The calculator developed by NPR relies on research by University of Oxford researchers published nearly two years ago.

BRETT The Robot

UC Berkeley Researchers Make BRETT The Robot Learn Like a Child

By Peter R - May 26, 2015 02:04 PM EDT

The robot's neural networks and algorithm help it learn through trial and error.


Researchers Develop Robot That Learns By Itself Through Trial and Error, Like Humans

By Kamal Nayan - May 25, 2015 07:12 AM EDT

Researchers have developed algorithms that enable robots to learn motor tasks through trial and error, like humans.

Google Robots

Google's Creepiest Patents Yet: Bunny Robots That Will Listen And Talk To Your Kids

By Kamal Nayan - May 22, 2015 11:48 AM EDT

R&D team at Google has patented a design for the devices in the form of bunny teddy bears and rabbit that would turn their heads towards users and listen to what they were saying.

Android Robot Resembling Sarah Palin

Researchers Unveil An Android-Powered Humanoid Robot Resembling Sarah Palin In China

By Kamal Nayan - May 05, 2015 02:09 PM EDT

Researchers have unveiled a life-like humanoid robot that bears a scary resemblance to former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The robot, named YangYang was unveiled at the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2015 in Beijing, China.

Super Earths

Robot Telescope Outshines Humans, Finds Three Super Earth Planets

By Peter R - Apr 30, 2015 09:44 AM EDT

The AFP atop Mt. Hamilton in San Jose found three planets orbiting a star 54 light years away from Earth.

Infants, Learning

Sit Up Straight: Body Posture Boosts Learning and Memory in Kids

By Peter R - Mar 31, 2015 04:39 PM EDT

Researchers at Indiana University made the findings based on experiemtns with robots and infants.

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