Apple 'iPad Pro 2' Specs, Latest News & Update: The Latest Device To Be Revealed In March? Apple Pencil Possible?

By Carrie Winters - 18 Jan '17 05:30AM

Apple is set to release its new "iPad Pro 2" and is rumored that it will happen in March 2017. There are also hints on the specs and features of this new device.

A report indicates that the "iPad Pro 2" has the new edge-to-edge display. It is speculated that the new Apple device will be 10 inches in size. The report also notes that the size of the Apple gadget is around 10-10.5 inches and this is according to KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo.

It is also noted that the new Apple iPad Pro 2 is set to be released in March this year. However, some reports also note that there may be a delay of the said release date. The reason for the delay may come from the makers of the chip for the device.

Aside from the "iPad Pro 2," there are also other apple devices that are rumored to be released this year. A new 12.9in iPad Pro with the A10X is also rumored to come out with other updates. The new 10.1-10.5in display with the A10X processor is also another device that may be added to Apple's release. There may also be the low cost 9.7in iPad with the A9 or A9X processor to be included in the release.

This new "iPad Pro 2" is rumored to have no bezels and no home button displayed. It also has a faster processor which is the A10X which may appeal to many. An Apple Pencil may be added to the new device once it is being released.

Meanwhile, a report indicates that there are drawings coming out for the new "iPad Pro 2" device. It is rumored that the device uses integrated lights to show notifications. The battery may also be built to last longer than the other Apple devices.

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