'Caffeine' May Fight Inflammation Due To Ageing According To A Study; Correlation Between Caffeine And Long Life Possible?

By Carrie Winters - 18 Jan '17 05:30AM

A new study indicates that caffeine may lessen inflammation due to old age. The study has investigated on the effects of caffeine on the immune cells.

According to a report, caffeine can block a molecule that is called adenosine. When adenosine is blocked on the brain cells, this is the time that coffee drinkers are awake. The effect of blocking adenosine in the body can block pathways that produce inflammatory cells.

Mark Davis who is a professor at Stanford and is the head of this study shares that the results of caffeine in a person's body to be positive has come to a surprise for him. Davis and his team have seen a correlation between caffeine and longer life.

The study gathered data from more than 100 people. They looked into the body system and how it works while aging. The study investigated on the participant's blood samples, family histories and medical histories.

The study shows that those participants that are older have a higher level of inflammatory proteins. The inflammatory protein is called the IL-1-beta. The younger ones have less level of inflammatory proteins. It is also seen in the study that those that have a higher level of IL-1-beta have the higher risk of inflamed arteries and high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, the study indicates that caffeine and its metabolites have the ability to counter aging and may give a person a longer life. It is also indicated in the same report that most of the cause of diseases during old age are caused by chronic inflammation. Caffeine can actually lessen the inflammation and may lessen the risks to get the diseases for old age.

Caffeine may have a direct benefit to a person's body and how the chronic inflammation can be prevented. Caffeine can block certain molecules that can cause this inflammation which then gives the person longevity.

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