'Medical Marijuana's' Amendment May Take Some Time To Take Full Effect; Doctors Urged To Be Cautious In Prescribing Marijuana

By Carrie Winters - 09 Jan '17 09:22AM

The constitutional amendment of "medical marijuana" has been approved by voters in November 2016 but it may take time for it to take its full effect.

According to a report, the Department of Health needs to identify what doctors and dispensing organizations need to do under the law for "medical marijuana." This amendment which had been approved by voters took effect last Jan. 3, 2017.

Doctors are requested to be cautious in the prescription for medical marijuana to patients. At this time there has been not much information yet on what needs to be done under the recent amendment. The current law indicates that doctors may request for non-euphoric marijuana to patients who have chronic muscle spasms or cancer. They also are allowed to order the full-strength marijuana for patients who are terminally ill.

It already has been reported that certain illnesses are listed under the Amendment 2 to be able to use medical marijuana. Florida recently had this amendment but it still takes some time for this to take effect since there are still rules and regulations to be made.

The State of Florida has six months to complete the set of rules and regulations to be made. These rules for medical marijuana need to come from the Department of Health in Florida. It is also included in the report that there are already 200 doctors who are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

Meanwhile, a different report indicates that there are certain marijuana related illnesses that are coming out recently. This illness named cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is set to be rampant lately. Abdominal pain and severe vomiting are the symptoms for CHS.

One way to relieve of the discomfort is to take a hot shower. It has been reported that most patients had been rushed to emergency with CHS right after the legalization of marijuana. It is important to set the rules for "medical marijuana" for it to be regulated.

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