Marijuana Related Illnesses On The Rise; Numbers Up After Legalization

By Carrie Winters - 03 Jan '17 06:59AM

A recent report indicates that there are more "marijuana-related illnesses" coming out. The symptoms include vomiting and severe abdominal pain. This is indicated to be cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS).

According to a report, heavy and long-term use of "marijuana" is one of the causes of CHS. The symptoms for this illness include severe abdominal pain and too much vomiting. The patient will also experience nausea.

It is reported that the vomiting and nausea caused by CHS can be relieved when one takes a hot shower. The same report also indicates that more patients have been rushed to the emergency room with the illness right after marijuana has been legalized.

In a different report, it is indicated that Colorado is one state that marijuana is legal. There are already different dispensaries that can be found in the place. One dispensary that sells medical marijuana is the 'Medicine Man.'

The State of Colorado has put out a budget in studying about how effective medical marijuana can be to cure some illnesses. It is also reported that it is easy to get marijuana in the place. There are already permits for the said dispensaries.

Meanwhile, it already is reported that teens view marijuana as less harmful right after it has been legalized in most states. There are more and more young people that are smoking it. This is the reason why that it is important for the selling of the product to be regulated.

There are also recent reports that indicate that cannabidiol or CBD can cure seizures without the high. For a long time, tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC has been the best for treating pain, nausea or other problems.

Recently, CBD can also be used the same as THC and it does not give patients a certain high. It is noted that dispensaries are important to regulate the usage of marijuana even with it being legal.

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