Amendment 2 Takes Effect In Florida; 'Medical Marijuana' Updates In Different States; List Of Illnesses And Conditions Allowed For Medical Marijuana Card

By Carrie Winters - 05 Jan '17 06:33AM

Florida has just legalized the distribution of "medical marijuana." The Amendment 2 which has been raised in November has recently been approved.

According to a report, rules and regulations need to be made even though "medical marijuana" is legal in Florida. The rules and regulations must come from the Florida Department of Health. The state is given six months in order to complete the rules and regulations.

There are specific medical conditions that are allowed to have the medical marijuana card. These are cancer, Epilepsy and Glaucoma. Additional medical conditions include HIV/AIDS, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease and Multiple sclerosis are also medical conditions that are entitled to the card.

There are still rules and regulations that Florida need to send out in order to get the prescription of medical marijuana. As of this time there are already 200 doctors who are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

Amendment 2 already allows medical marijuana in the state but it does not guarantee that it is smokable. There is no law yet if marijuana can be smoked by patients. There are also dispensaries that need to open in the state so to regulate the selling of medical marijuana.

Meanwhile, aside from the update in Florida where "medical marijuana" is already legal, there are also other updates in some states regarding this. In Arkansas, a new bill has been passed about this. The State has House Bill 1057 which says that an additional criminal background check is needed before applicatio .

There are also added laws that have been raised in Massachusetts. It will have medical marijuana available in hospices and nursing homes. This is to allow these patients to be medicated using cannabis. New Hampshire also has a new bill that would allow residents to grow their own marijuana plant. Lastly, Puerto Rico also got their first dispensaries. 

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