US President-Elect Donald Trump Attacks Skit Third Time In Three Months; The Latest Over Mocking His Tweets

By Shubham Ghosh - 05 Dec '16 22:43PM

It seems Donald Trump can't get over it. The American President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at "Saturday Night Live" over comedian Alec Baldwin's portraying him yet another time on Sunday (December 4), calling the show as "unwatchable", "totally biased" and "not funny" in a tweet. He also slammed the 58-year-old actor saying his impersonation "just can't get any worse".

Baldwin didn't ignore it and counter-tweeted: "Release your tax returns and I'll stop."

The skit this week was centered on Baldwin impersonating Trump tweeting random people, even during key security meetings, said a Huffington Post article. During the campaigning this year, the president-elect was criticized and mocked, even by departing President Barrack Obama, for attacking his opponent Hillary Clinton and a former beauty pageant on Twitter at 3 am.

The skit, which also featured Kate McKinnon playing the role of Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, showed Baldwin impersonating Trump saying that he tweets too much because his "brain is bad". The president-elect's controversial chief strategist Steve Bannon was also on the show as Grim Reaper.

Last month, Trump expressed his displeasure over the same show, calling it "totally one-sided" and "biased". In October, too, when Trump was yet to win the election, called the show "boring and funny" and wanted it to be canceled. Trump had actually hosted the show in 2004 and also in November 2015 when he was already in the presidential race.

Although Trump's Twitter behavior has come under increasing attack, his team doesn't feel there is anything wrong about it. On Sunday, Conway defended the president-elect's use of the social media platform at the CNN's "State of the Union" saying since the tycoon is the president-elect, hence it was a "presidential behavior", reported News Everyday. She also said that Trump uses the social media account as "a very good platform to convey his message".

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