‘Watch Dogs 2’ Latest News: Release Of T-Bone DLC Delayed, Ubisoft Still Solving Multiplayer Issues; Patches Not For Release Yet

By Harry J. - 12 Dec '16 09:38AM

Fans of "Watch Dogs 2" will be disappointed to learn that the release of the patches for the game will be delayed until Dec. 22 for PlayStation users. PC and Xbox One users will also get their DLC, but on a later date, Jan. 24, 2017. The game was originally launched on Nov. 15 and was received well by the gaming community.

The Game Seems To Have Improved

When it debuted, it seems "Watch Dogs 2" has significantly improved. The game has a new protagonist, and he is roaming the streets to shoot and hack his way to a successful ending. There are those who believe that it is the best game Ubisoft has developed. However, certain issues have cropped up that eventually plagued the game.

This is the reason for the "Watch Dogs 2" patch. It will basically target the problems with multiplayer content. Players know that teamwork is very important in this game. Hacking and joining other players are the things that they are looking for. However, it appears that this feature was disabled during the game launch.

A Multi-Player Feature Seems To Be Causing The Issues

It seems that the multiplayer feature is causing the game to lag and then to eventually crash. As Ubisoft does not want this problem affecting the game base, it decided to pull the plug intending to release it at a later time after the issues are resolved. This is the current status of "Watch Dogs 2" right now, where players are waiting for the promised game patch.

The particular DLC that causes the issues is themed after T-Bone, a character who is a favorite among the players of "Watch Dogs 2." It appears that Ubisoft is afraid of fumbling T-Bone's DLC for it would make the fans doubtful about their capacity to perform the job. Ubisoft has many expansions that they are planning to introduce into the game.

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