'Watch Dogs 2' Free Copy Is Set To Give By Ubisoft; Samsung And Ubisoft Launched A New Product Promo With Free Game

By Staff Reporter - 01 Nov '16 23:39PM

As the Watch Dog 2 release date draws near, the Ubisoft has another gift to offer. Ubisoft teamed up with Samsung and they are giving away a free copy of the "Watch Dogs 2" game.

The Slash Gear confirmed the news about the free copy of the "Watch Dogs 2" as Ubisoft partnered with Samsung. Samsung will be a releasing a promo where in for very purchase of the Samsung Solid-State Drive or the so-called SSD, customers will receive a free digital copy of the "Watch Dogs 2" game.

Aside from the SSD purchase, a free digital copy of the "Watch Dogs 2" will also be given for every purchase the Samsung curved monitor. Prior to the release date of "Watch Dogs 2," the promo starts to run today until December 31st of this year.

This is going to be a great news, especially to those who are planning to buy a new SSD or a latest curved monitor from Samsung. A pretty good promo for all the gamers who loves to upgrade their gaming rig will be a good holiday treat.

PC Gamer provides all the details of all the available Samsung SSD models and Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor which will start from 24-inch to the maximum 34-inch models. For the SSD's, promo models include the Samsung 960 Pro SSD 512GB up to the portable SSD T3 2TB drive.

"Watch Dogs 2" is the sequel to the first series released in 2014 which was developed by the Ubisoft Montreal. The new "Watch Dogs 2" will feature some of the highlights gameplay similar to the Grand Theft Auto series.

The upcoming "Watch Dogs 2" is an action-packed games, which revolves to the story of the hacker Marcus Halloway. "Watch Dogs 2" will feature a massive open-world map that can be explored using a variety of vehicles.

The "Watch Dogs 2" will hit the market this coming November 15th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be released after two weeks, November 29th.

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