'Clash Of Clans' Features, Latest News & Update: A VR-Enhancement Is Coming, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 12 Dec '16 06:41AM

"Clash of Clans" is set to be back in the game industry and it has more enhancements than before. This time the game is set to have a VR-360 version.

There are changes that are made into "Clash of Clans." A VR enhancement is made possible in this new update. This latest update also gives players the chance to mine for more gems for free. The game also has in-game spells which is a big update for the game.

The update for the in-game spells includes the Lightning, Poison and Earthquake spells for "Clash of Clans." These updates are ensured by the team that there will be balance all over the game's platform. It also is a new experience for the games fans.

"Clash of Clans" has been made better by the developers and now comes with the new VR experience. The graphics for the game has been developed to have a better look for the said game. This latest update is also set to bring in shipyard to the game. The shipyard can be opened with 50,000 gold coins at the Town Hall 4.

It can be expected that "Clash of Clans'" latest update is going to give a better gaming experience for players. This is an update that gamers may have been waiting for quite some time. This time the update is sure to make the game more popular as it already is.

Meanwhile, it already has been hinted previously that there will be a Red Barbarian King, a Red Archer Queen and a Wizard-vs-Goblin feature to be added to "Clash of Clans." This may be experienced in the latest update which is set to be launched.

These updates for "Clash of Clans" are still to be further revealed by Supercell developers. There have been small details revealed on what these updates will be. Fans and followers can expect the updates to be launched this month.

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