'Vikings' Season 4 Part 2 Latest Spoilers, News & Update: Will Ivar And Ragnar Survive? Everything That We Need To Know!

By Carrie Winters - 08 Dec '16 05:10AM

The second part of "Vikings" Season 4 has already started and Ragnar is back to Kategatt. It is hinted that Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) has a vision of Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh) to drown at sea if he followed Ragnar (Travis Fimmel).

Ragnar comes home to Kategatt after many years of being away. There have been a lot of changes from the people around him and the environment. In "Vikings" Season 4 part 2 Episode 12, Aslaug has a vision of Ivar to be dead if he follows his father. Despite the vision, Ivar pursues to be with Ragnar.

It has been hinted that Ragnar would die in this season. However, he already survived the battle of Paris and this time, he is trapped underwater with his son Ivar. There are speculations that Ragnar's death may follow what has been written in history in "Vikings" Season 4 Part 2.

A tragedy hits Ragnar's ship and is speculated that Aslaug's vision may be right. Bjorn on the other hand has been favored by the gods lately in "Vikings" Season 4 Part 2 Episode 12. He sails toward the Mediterranean with Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) and Halfdan the Black (Jasper Paakkonen).

Aslaug and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) have both been claiming their part of the kingdom in "Vikings" Season 4 part 2. Each of Ragnar's wives has wanted to get the throne and each of them believes the throne to be rightfully hers.

Meanwhile, it already has been reported that most of the people who worshiped Ragnar before are now against him. The decision of Ragnar in fighting in the battle of Wessex is not in the people's favor in "Vikings" Season 4 Part 2.

It seems that Ragnar may soon meet his demise in the upcoming episodes. Ivar, on the other hand, has been speculated to be the next king, but he gets in trouble together with his father in "Vikings" Season 4 Part 2.

"Vikings" Season 4 Part 2 airs every Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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