'Hairspray Live' Creator John Waters Ecstatic About Hairspray Live on NBC; Wants To Have An Adult Themed Hairspray Finale?

By Abe Narra - 08 Dec '16 05:20AM

It is undeniable that writer-director John Waters' work "Hairspray Live" has been part of the American culture. After 28 years since its film debut, the movie already had its musical remake in 2007 starring Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron and now, NBC has a live show about it.

Waters told News4 in the reading room of his Baltimore home that he is very happy that his work has been part of the industry. He also revealed that he was paid to do three sequels that never happened. While he is ecstatic about the live TV production, he said that he has a little involvement to it. He said that his role in Hairspray Live is really less and less sometimes as it goes along.

He is currently touring the US with his yearly one-man Christmas show, so he, unfortunately, had to turn down Hairspray Live. Although, he met the people behind it. Waters also said he is actually surprised with how much interest there has been over the years in remaking his movie. So what kind of remake does he want for Hairspray Live?

A TV series would be possible, Waters said. He said that he was paid to do a TV series and a special HBO event but it did not come into fruition because it went into turnaround. Or a different take to Hairspray Live? Waters has a lot of idea about how he wants the production to be.

He said that he wants Hairspray Live in Space once and then the next day, the producers called him and said the project was given a green light. Or maybe an adult-themed version of Hairspray Live. He said he wants an all nude Hairspray Live as the final version of the film. Maybe Nikki Blonsky could reprise her role after she has been quiet for quite some time.

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