The Elder Scrolls Online DLC Latest News, Updates: Get Ready For Homestead DLC!

By Rushdie Collins - 08 Dec '16 04:00AM

The Elder Scrolls Online gamers are getting a neat little treat once February hits next year.

Bethesda just announced yesterday that it would be releasing The Elder Scrolls Online DLC called Homestead for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later in February next year and it looks like there's going to be a lot of new content coming with the pack. The Elder Scrolls Online DLC is going to be made free once Bethesda sends in over the next major update for its massively popular multiplayer online role-playing videogame, allowing all ESO gamers to enjoy the new DLC, Homestead.

With Homestead, The Elder Scrolls Online gamers will be able to buy their very own home within the game without the need for fighting over different plots with other players. Not only will each house in Homestead have an instanced location, but gamers will also be given the ability to customize their home as much as they want, as well as invite other gamers and friends to their new house.

The selection in the upcoming ESO DLC is both diverse and varied, with about 40 different kinds of houses and styles to choose from along with 2000 different kinds of furniture to add depth to the new house. Gamers can select cozy cottages for their home in ESO, or they can go big and buy entire manors. Many of the exteriors of the homes in the game are based on the different races in the Elder Scrolls' videogaming franchise and in a new Homestead First Look trailer from Bethesda, gamers can get to see the different kind of homes being made available in Homestead DLC.

Homes in the ESO DLC can be purchased in the game through the use of the ESO in-game currency called crowns and while gamers usual will be starting off small with a decent room provided after finishing up the quest given during the Homestead tutorial, they can begin purchasing better homes with more crowns.

Elder Scrolls Online DLC Homestead is set for release February 2017.

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