'Death Stranding' News & Details: Trailer Premiere Scares Fans At The Game Awards 2016

By Maria David - 02 Dec '16 09:17AM

Happily horrified is what we can call fans of the upcoming game "Death Stranding" after witnessing the terrifying new trailer that made its premiere during The Game Awards 2016. Although not much was revealed by the video, one thing is for sure, gamers are in for a scary treat!

Hideo Kojima has been working on "Death Stranding: since he left Konami in order to make Kojima Productions into a solo game development studio and its starting to look like a good idea. During The Game Awards 2016, Kojima unleashed a sneak peak on what he has been working on and spines were definitely chilled and goose bumps spread like plague in the Microsoft Theatre.

"Death Standing" has proven to be as horrific as it is disturbing and fans are no less than excited for the game to finally arrive. Film director Guillermo Del Toro was known to work with Kojima on the canceled "Silent Hill" Game. The mention of this was not to reopen any old wounds of disappointment with regard to the would-have-been game but to reveal that Del Toro stars in the trailer of "Death Standing" as per The Verge.

Del Toro is seen in a strange city clutching an unknown device that holds an infant inside. Moreover, Mads Mikkelsen from "Hannibal" and Norman Reedus from "The Walking Dead" joined Del Toro in this terrifying trailer. According to Polygon, Reedus and Mikkelsen were mentioned in the cast, however, Del Toro was apparently left out. It is evident though that the character in the recently released trailer strongly resembles the film director.

Moreover, Kojima also released posters of "Death Stranding" after the big horrific premiere at The Game Awards 2016. The said posters are definitely disturbing yet aesthetically pleasing, plus we get to see a close up of the baby Del Toro is holding.

After releasing such a delightful bomb such as this "Death Stranding" trailer it is understandable that fans start hopping on the hype train for Kojima's new game. However, a release date for PlayStation 4 has yet to be announced. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the scary trailer posted below for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned to News Every Day for more updates on Kojima's "Death Stranding."

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