Stephen Hawking Says 1,000 Years Left For Human Existence On Earth; Says Space Is The Future For Survival

By Marguerite Chang - 17 Nov '16 05:30AM

Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking has an alarming news. Humanity will cease to exist in the next 1,000 years on earth. He is saying that for the human race to have a future, people should continue to look to the other places in the vast universe.

Speaking at the University of Cambridge, he has said that the earth is too fragile to contain the human race for the next 1,000 years.

Causes of Earth's collapse

Hawking said that one of the main reasons of earths fast decline is the way people take the resources for granted. He cites climate change, weapons mankind makes without realizing the long term impact to humanity, and pandemics among others.

The Physicist also talked about the massive overpopulation that will be expected in the coming day. Food production will not be enough to feed everybody and sadly political unrest will also contribute to the fast deterioration of humanity.

Look to the stars

According to Hawking, everybody needs to continue exploring what the Solar System has to offer. Scientists looking for planets that can be possible colonies to mankind. He adds that outer space is the way to go and that starting the explorations as soon as possible is the best step moving forward.

Hawkings predicts that having a habitable Mars may not yet happen in the next 100 years and that is why from now until then, scientific and technological developments must be done carefully.  He cautions everybody that there's a lot that could "possibly go wrong".

Making sense of his dire predictions

His talk ended on a positive note. Hawking encouraged the participants of his talk to be curious and not give up. He says that this is a "glorious time to be alive and doing research into theoretical physics." And that no matter how difficult life is here on earth now, it is only important for humankind not to give up.

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