Angelina Jolie 'Furious & Disgusted' Over DCFS Findings; Brad Pitt 'Crushed' For Rarely Seeing Kids

By K. Aviles - 17 Nov '16 09:21AM

Angelina Jolie was reportedly confident estranged husband Brad Pitt would be found "unfit as a parent" by Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) after its investigation.

However, Pitt has been officially cleared of the allegations that he had been abusive to eldest son Maddox after DCFS concluded its investigation on November 9. Reports claim that the altercation between him and estranged wife Angelina Jolie on board their private plane on their flight home from France triggered the divorce.

DCFS' findings clearing Pitt of his "abuse" allegations made Jolie "furious and disgusted" as she was confident Pitt would be adjudged as an "unfit parent," according to a post from Hollywood Life. Jolie is seeking for a sole physical custody of their six children and since the inception of the investigation earlier in October, Pitt was only allowed a supervised visitation to their kids.

But with the DCFS clearing Pitt of any wrongdoing, the actor is now allowed to visit his six children without any supervision as previously recommended by childcare professionals. In a separate report, Pitt had only visited his children three times in the past eight weeks, making him feel "crushed."

Although there is no confirmation yet from Pitt's lawyer, but it seems that the DCFS findings would be capitalized by Pitt to pursue his prayer for a joint physical custody of their children. Earlier report said that when Pitt filed for his responsive pleading for the divorce filed against her by Jolie, the former chose to have a joint custody.

Meanwhile, former husband of Angelina Jolie, actor Billy Bob Thorton told the media that despite the separation of Pitt and Jolie, Thornton would still love to do a movie project with Pitt. Thornton remains to be friends with Jolie even after their split. Thornton was quoted saying positive things about Jolie.

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