Denver Approves Usage Of Marijuana In Bars and Restaurants But There's A Catch; Whole Colorado Next?

By Roy Narra - 17 Nov '16 05:00AM

The city of Denver, Colorado has decided that a glass of wine or a steak for dinner would probably be good with some rolled-up marijuana. But there's a catch for pot smokers.

Voters have finally approved Prop 300 measure, where their people are allowed to smoke their pot alongside their favorite beer or meal. It was approved the same day California approved marijuana for adults and five other states approved it for medicinal purposes.

But what's the catch? Smoking pot is still not allowed inside and bars and restaurants should still get the approval of neighbors before letting their patrons enjoy their marijuana. Selling of weed is still not allowed though so patrons should still bring their own.

Non-service establishments like art galleries could set up pot-smoking areas or host events that would allow pot and food and drinks. Still, they must get approval from the neighbors.

With the measure of getting approval from neighbors, supporters of the measure are not sure if many restaurants and bars would allow their patrons to consume their marijuana. The Amsterdam style of someone smoking marijuana and drinking coffee could still be implausible.

Emmet Resitroffer, a Denver marijuana consultant and campaign manager for Prop 300 said it is sensible as marijuana users should still practice responsibility. The measure takes effect immediately.

Mason Tvert, a spokesman for the national Marijuana Policy Project and a Denver proponent of the consumption law, said the law would lower down instances of tourists smoking marijuana on sidewalks and parks with the reason that they have nowhere in private to consume.

He added that it could provide adults to smoke marijuana in private places so that minors could not see them or those tenants who have their landlords ban the exercise of their right of marijuana usage.

The measure is effective until 2020, unless city officials would renew the licenses or make it permanent. This is the first city in US to allow the consumption of marijuana in bars and restaurants.

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