Carrie Fisher Admits Affair With Harrison Ford During Star Wars; Describes Him 'A Man Who Could Satisfy"

By Roy Narra - 16 Nov '16 19:07PM

The chemistry of Princess Leia and Hans Solo is just too real, it is not really that far from the reality behind the camera. At least according to Carrie Fisher.

The actress known as the fan-favorite fearless princess in the Star Wars saga just revealed that she had an "intimate" affair with Harrison Ford, who played Solo, on the set of the movie 40 years ago.

In her book called "The Princess Diarist," the 60-year-old actress called it as her intimate, hilarious, and revealing stories of what happened behind the scenes of the first Star Wars film.

The 19-years-old actress back then got the breakthrough role of Princess Leia for the 1976 film. Ford was 33-years-old back then when he got Hans Solo, and he was married to Mary Marquardt with two children.

Fisher recalled that she and Ford had their first night together after Star Wars director George Lucas' birthday party. 

As what she wrote on her book, he described Ford's face as "heroic" and a "shining specimen of a man" who could satisfy woman like her.

She added what happened to her is "so inexperienced" but Ford's kindness made her trust something about him.

Reactions about her revelation were mixed. Others say that it was inevitable but others are also saying, "Why now?"

Ford had a divorce with Marquardt in 1979, then later married Melissa Mathison who wrote "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial" in 1983, and then got divorced again in 2004. Mathison died last year.

Currently, he's married to "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart since 2010.

Last March in the British talk series "The Jonathan Ross Show," she denied that she had a romantic relationship with Ford.

Ford and Fisher met again as their signature roles in last year's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens".

Ford has still no comments about Fisher's revelations.

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