'Black Mirror' Season 4 Air Date, News & Updates: Creator Clarifies 'Same Universe' Theory; Easter Eggs Just To "Mess Up" Fans?

By Roy Narra - 17 Nov '16 05:00AM

Fans of Netflix's Black Mirror want more after they were hooked with the futuristic stories of Season 3 and yet, there are still no words for Season 4. But speculations and fan theories are created about the whole series because of the Easter eggs scattered all over the episodes.

Some of the fspeculations that are getting nods from the fans that were found like a poster on a wall featuring a character from a previous episode. This means that everything in "Black Mirror Season 3" is set in the same universe.

To clear things up, the creator finally revealed all of the Easter eggs shown on the episodes and fans might get disappointed with his answers.

The series creator said, Charlie Brooke, that there is no explicit link between the Easter eggs found on different episodes. He added that he did not really think of them putting in the same universe.

Brooke added that the Easter eggs are just there to mess up with its audience and serve only to end up on the audience's face. He admitted that he enjoys putting them on each episode.

He also added that he sees "Black Mirror" Season 4 as a dark comedy, making satires on various shows. Brooke, coming from a comedic background, said he was often surprised to see the audience horrified of the episodes he created.

Another "in your face" "Black Mirror" season 4 details he put in the episodes are meta jokes made about the show and inserting outside criticisms. One of the jokes for the series came from the now defunct publication The Toast, Mallory Ortberg. She wrote about envisioning satirical plots for the series.

But do they really just waste details? Brooke said that he is still meticulous in putting details in his episodes. He said the show's production team also takes great care to insert borderline hidden moments that could reveal much about the episode if the audience has the chance to spot them.

How many episodes?

Reports said that Black Mirror Season 4 might have lesser episodes compared to the previous seasons. This season might have only 10 episodes.

Netflix has yet to confirm this. The streaming company are also yet to confirm the air date but it could be on either September or October.

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