Reports Of Angelina Jolie's Verbal Abuse Against Brad Pitt & Other Allegations Surface

By K. Aviles - 04 Nov '16 07:51AM

The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorce saga turns very nasty as in the course of their fight over the custody of their six children, the skeletons in each of their closet are being slowly taken out. Reports of Jolie's verbal "death" threats against Brad Pitt found their way to the public.

As the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) expanded its investigation, the actress herself, is also part of the investigation. Although there is no confirmation yet whether Angelina Jolie is being investigated, there are reports from sources who claim to have access into the former couple's life that the "Tomb Raider" actress is unstable and "her attitude sways and that she's very hard to understand."

In a report from The Hollywood Gossip, it was claimed that a former bodyguard of the couple allegedly said that Angelina Jolie "threatened to beat Pitt to death."

"At least one former associate of the couple has come forward to reveal that he never witnessed any abusive behavior on Brad Pitt's part, but did overhear Angie using threats of violence," the magazine reported but clarified that he never witness the actress physically abuse her husband. This alleged verbal threats to beat to death is reportedly being used by Brad Pitt in a bid to win the physical custody of their six children.

Meanwhile another source was quoted in a report from Inquisitr, saying the six kids are never afraid of their father and that Pitt is the "most loving and caring father," rather than being a "sort of threat."

In another report, it was claimed that the couple grew apart with Jolie wanting to adopt their seventh child and Pitt becoming "disenchanted" with the idea. The Hollywood Gossip also reported that their union was "a sexless marriage." These two are supposedly the main issue that broke apart their marriage.

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