Supernatural Season 12 Episode 4 "American Nightmare" Recap - News and Update for Episode 5 [SPOILERS][CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS]

By Jayde Winston - 04 Nov '16 06:53AM

Episode 4 of Supernatural Season12 starts in Iowa, where a case worker from Child Protective Services goes to church with holes in her hands and feet. As he walks her way to church, lashes appeared on her back, then slowly dies. In witness is Sam and Dean back on their priest outfit, and posing as Father Penn and Father De Niro.

The boy's guess that they're hunting some rogue angel, but after a call from Cas, Dean realized that his not hunting a rogue angel or such kind. Also, Dean was able to determine that Castiel has teamed up with Crowley in search of Lucifer.

Later then on Episode, Dean texted his Mom and asked if she's doing fine, and asked if his gonna call her "Mom", or "Mary", but Dean gets no response. Sam returned just in time to catch Lucifer, and it turns out that Sam actually is a big fan of Vince Vicente.

Sam and Dean traveled to check out Olivia's office, where Beth, Olivia's officemate is already making herself at home. The actions of Beth sense curiosity to the boys, and later then realize that Beth is a witch who killed Olivia to get the better office.

On the second victim, Sam was able to connect the dots to the Peterson Family. Beth explained that the Peterson are a very religious family that lives out of the country without cars and electricity. The Peterson's eldest daughter died from pneumonia and the family just neglect her medical condition just to not mess with "God's Will."

Sam and Dean then head out to the said farm to meet the Peterson Family, they met Abraham and his wife and updated them about the death of Olivia. Sam and Dean had some serious conversation about the Peterson family, saying that they are the reason why Magda died. Also, adding the recent death of a delivery boy.

Sam returned by himself to the farm, later than he overheard Abraham and his son Elijah talking about Magda, then he realize that she's not death at all, and she is locked in the basement, forced to whip herself. It seems like Magda had some supernatural powers and the family thinks it's a curse. Sam was caught by Abraham and locked him in the basement together with Magda.

Sam joined the Peterson's family dinner, and guess what? Their mother is poisoning her family so that they can enter heaven together. Magda then stopped her siblings on eating the poison, mainly used her powers. Sam asked to let her mother live.

That sum up the Supernatural Season 12 Episode 4. On the next episode entitled "The One You've Been Waiting For," Dean and Sam race against the time to prevent Adolf Hitler Resurrection. Supernatural Airs November 10.

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