'One Punch Man' Funniest Moments From Our Hero Saitama! [VIDEO HERE]

By JOY - 04 Nov '16 07:00AM

One Punch Man is an anime that gross super fast from just being new to one of the best too. It's about a lazy powerful superhero, it seems Saitama is just a normal person but no, he can end any fight with just one punch! The second season is on the way, and possibly the release is next year.

The last season was a blast even people knew what happen to a fight, the fans still craved for more. The plot is not extraordinary but it becomes a hit all over the world. What does this mean? An anime doesn't need to have unique powers and neither a great long adventure for entertainment to be on the top.

The protagonist Saitama has a very loyal side kick named Genos - a human turn Cyborg. This cyborg is very talkative which is the reversed attitude of Saitama.

Best of 'One Punch Man' Funniest Moments

1. The Saitama Style of Intense training

100 push ups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and 10km run every day! Who would know to be strong on that kind of normal training?

2. The back story behing the Hair Loss

The funny face of Saitama never misses to make fans laugh but hey there's an interesting story behind it. Saitama had a normal spiky black hair before he becomes a superhero, so how had become bald then? because of his way of Intense training, the consequences is losing them all. As what others say, "Great Power comes a great loss of hair" for Saitama's version only.

3. When Saitama Misses the Market Sale

Saitama is a bargain lover most especially for foods, just like a normal person too. In an episode, when fighting with an opponent and suddenly realized in the middle of the fight that it was the day of Gigantic Sale.

4. Saitama hates Mosquito

The episode is when Saitama is watering a cactus when a mosquito appeared and eventually did everything to killed it, the result? Mosquito lived, Saitama is tired.

5. The Boogey Nightmare

An episode where Saitama fell asleep and has a nightmare, it's about two people, he's playing with someone with rock-paper-scissors and he realized that he's playing with a booger on hand, he just snapped.

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