'General Hospital' Spoilers Oct 31 - Nov 4; Valentin Causes More Trouble; Weeklong Chaos Expected in Port Charles

By Marguerite Chang - 31 Oct '16 03:15AM

In time for Halloween, the General Hospital is coming up with their own Halloween event. It is a chock-full of surprises that will allow everybody to be on their toes.

Somebody from prison shocks everybody

Laura is bidding Wyndemere goodbye and decides to throw a goodbye party. But Port Charles isn't a place where anybody can relax and take it easy especially as Laura learns from Lucy that she can't sell the estate.

Guess who arrived at the party and caused all these unrest? Valentin! Yes, Valentin arrives. Will he claim ownership and stay for good? Everybody is surprised that Valentin is out and not locked up as they thought he was. Worse part is that he is claiming that he has proof that will explain to everybody his ownership of the property.

Kiki still holds on to the past

While everybody is enjoying Halloween at the Metro Court Hotel, Kiki can't still get over the past. Dillon whose heart is tied to Kiki wants to do everything that he can to win her fully but it seems that the guilt of Morgan's death will always stand between them.

Nina discovers a shocking truth

Nina gets the shock of her life when she actually discovers that Charlotte is the daughter of Griffin. Griffin is trying his best to learn about fatherhood as best that he can and he gets a helping hand from Elizabeth.  How is Franco going to deal with his jealous streak?

Morgan back from the dead?

Drunkenness is getting the best from Sonny. In his drunken stupor he imagines Morgan alive and tries to do what is right.  When he realizes that that is not the case, he throws a fit.

Port Charles will be in for a chaotic week as everybody deals with their own issues.

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