New Nintendo 2DS Color Schemes Revealed

By Yuri Mangahas - 07 Oct '16 17:12PM

Nintendo has announced that there will be two, new color schemes for the Nintendo 2DS, stating that an "unforeseen incident" have caused the apparent change with the said unit.

The Nintendo 2DS' previous color scheme involves a black front, couple with red or blue markings on the side. However, the new look swaps out the blue and red markings with the black front.

It has been revealed (in a hilarious promotional video) that it was Luigi's "fault" that the color schemes changed in the first place, in part to his meddling as a one-day head of the Nintendo factory.

Nintendo quick clarified that it was not entirely Luigi who caused the change with the colors, noting that the promotional video was all but made for humorous purposes.

"This new color swap will be remembered alongside other such innovations as jelly and peanut butter, or roll and rock," Nintendo said in a statement along with the reveal of the new designs. "Even Mario approved and decided that the new look will start replacing the old one, so everyone should see the color-swapped Nintendo 2DS systems appear in stores this November," muses Nintendo.

Despite the change in design, the Nintendo 2DS will still be sold for an affordable price of $7.99. These new units are expected to ship out this November.

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