Josh Duggar News and Rumors: Anna Keeps Josh Away From Internet With Bare -ones Phone

By Peter R - 05 Jun '16 08:20AM

Wondering why Josh Duggar isn't his old self on social media? Word has it he is banned from using a smartphone. It's not his dad Jim Bob imposing restrictions but wife Anna who seeks to prevent Josh's exposure to other women.

Things went south for Josh Duggar last year when he confessed to molesting minors as a teenager. His victims included four of his sisters. He also operated Ashley Madison account and had allegedly solicited services of porn stars, who had criticized him for his ways of sex. More recently, a 28-year-old woman reportedly spoke about being one of Josh's victims, much to the chagrin of scandal-weary Duggars.

Amidst all that is happening to him and Duggars, Josh's wife Anna stood by her husband and supported him when he went to rehab for porn and sex addiction. However, Anna reportedly is not letting Josh out of the corner of her eye. Her husband operates a phone that can only be make calls and text. No camera, internet or browsing.

"He isn't allowed to have one of those. He has a little phone with a tiny screen and he can't send or receive picture messages on it," a Duggar family source reportedly told In Touch Weekly.

While Anna Duggar has been forgiving despite calls of protests from her family, her brothers and sisters have not been kind to Josh; he was reportedly humiliated during a visit to Keller household in Florida.

Anna's sister Susana reportedly told him not to apologize and that she would have left him had she been his wife. Her brother Daniel did not oblige Josh and moved away when the former came to sit next to him. These reports are a contrast to images and reports that emerged immediately after the Florida visit. It was then claimed that the Keller family cozied up to Josh.

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