Is Lamar Odom Going Back To Drugs?

By R. Siva Kumar - 06 Jun '16 20:05PM

Former NBA star Lamar Odom is living it big all over again. This one-time Sixth Man of the Year winner has been caught behaving "very strange" recently. When his friends came to his house, they found some eccentric objects---crack pipes, baggies, and marijuana.

He had certainly wanted to go into rehab, but the signs seem to point in the opposite direction. When his friends broached the subject, he just became "standoffish and aloof", said a report in TMZ. 

"But multiple sources close to Odom - hoping to get through to the NBA star - tell us he's been acting very strange lately," TMZ reports. "His friends are convinced he's off the wagon, and for the last few weeks, they've been trying to get through to him.

"So, a group of people went to his home to convince him to enter rehab - but Odom scoffed...telling the group he doesn't need any help. It sounds just like the failed intervention attempt from 2013."

Hence, the two-time NBA champion has been struggling with drug abuse, but after a near-fatal collapse at a Nevada brothel last fall, he was into some fun party times as well as heavy drug abuse. He does not seem to have learnt any lessons.

Even though he is called a "recovering user", there are speculations that he probably thinks he is "invincible" after he lived through his last incident. A number of Odom-watchers report that he has been found in various bars and pubs around town.

His last action in the NBA was in 2012-13, when he was a Los Angeles Clipper player and finished 82 games, and averaged 4.0 points, 1.7 assists and 5.9 rebounds per game.

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