Duggar News and Rumors: As Jill & Jessa Sinks, Duggars Make Efforts To Salvage It

By Peter R - 05 Jun '16 08:20AM

Amidst reports of advertisers unhappy with TLC's Jill & Jessa: Counting On, word has it the Duggars are working to save the show and push TLC for another season.

Several reports in the recent past have claimed TLC is not keen on hosting the Duggars for another season, which has paled in comparison to the popularity 19 Kids and Counting enjoyed right before it was pulled off from air following Josh Duggar's confession of molesting minors. While advertisers have been groused about being aired during the Duggars' show, lack of new content and entertaining storyline of Jill & Jessa has got TLC doing a rethink.

The Duggar family reportedly tried to get fans to rally behind them on social media to let the show's producers know the Arkansas' is still loved. The hashtag #Bringtheduggarsback was floated with the hope it would go viral. However, all efforts have fallen flat.

Following revelations of molesting minors, including his sisters, Ashley Madison leaks showed Josh Duggar also operated accounts on the site that promoted extramarital flings. He then confessed cheating on wife Anna. Not only did it cost Josh his job, embargo from Jill & Jessa and from being seen with the family, it also hurt Duggars' reputation and their appeal on television.

Reports of a gloomy fate notwithstanding, Jill Dillard and John-David may have found ways to salvage the show by injecting some interesting content. Jill recently revealed that the Dillard family is hunting for husband Derick's biological grandmother; Derick's mother is adopted.

On the other hand, new reports have emerged claiming John-David, the second Duggar son after Josh, is in a courtship. New reports claimed Jinger Duggar let the cat out of the bag by revealing John-David's relationship status. A courtship can help push Counting On and given fans something to look forward to.

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