iPhone 7 News and Updates: Cases Designs Show Similarities With iPhone 6S

By Peter R - 05 Jun '16 08:21AM

More Apple rumors appeared this week suggesting iPhone 7 will resemble iPhone 6S. These rumors were based on leaks of alleged case designs.

Picking up on these rumors, 9to5 Mac reported that the designs reflect dual-camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus, with the flash and the microphone aligned horizontally. The cases also reveal rumored Smart Connector could be included in the new iPhone 7 but the headphone jack has clearly made its exit. The connector's purpose is not known.

In other reports, rumor mills speculate Apple could equip the iPhone 7 with edge display. This speculation is reportedly a prediction by IHS Technology's Kevin Wang. An edge display on iPhone 7 implies a significant design variance with the iPhone 6S.

Other recent speculation about iPhone 7 includes 32 GB entry variant and a 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus option to cater to increased storage demand due to dual lens cameras generating large video and image content. If recent reports about the camera are any indication, Apple could introduce a 21 MP shooter.

The company introduced 12 MP camera in the iPhone 6S, up from 8 MP in earlier generation iPhones. This increase in sensor resolution however has been a slow response given that 13 MP camera on Android phones have become de-facto. An increase to 21 MP may seem unlikely given the pace of camera upgrades but it cannot be ruled out as Apple is set to introduce a major camera upgrade with dual-lens. Additionally, if the lack of design changes were to be considered, a 21 MP camera could be the saving grace this year's flagship iPhone may need to stand out from its predecessors.

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