Clash of Clans Update News: New Skeleton Spell, Balance Changes and Other Updated Details Here

By Jenn Loro - 28 May '16 10:49AM

The highly popular mobile game Clash of Clans is getting tons of updates lately aimed at improving the quality of gameplay such as speeding up attack and neutralizing cheaters. Of course, Finland-based game developer, Supercell, is planning a much bigger update known as the May or Friendly Challenge update which is expected to bring in fresh content add-ons like the new Skeleton spell as well as balance changes and so on.

As per International Business Times, the Friendly Challenge update enables players to simulate practice fighting with their clansmates without exhausting their resources, troops, or trophies earned.

Clansmates can launch as many friendly attacks as they desire without expending their gold or elixir. There's no need to worry about troops getting wasted on the battlefield or clan castles that need to be rebuilt and refilled. The whole update is added for pure fun and learning experience. All resources used shall be given back to both attackers and defenders.

With the latest update comes a slew of fresh content add-ons such as new troops and a new dark elixir spell. The balance changes arrive in the form newly added levels and a number of minor tweaks. The following are the latest balancing changes and new content added as per Gotta Be Mobile report:


1. Townhall 11- Air armies are losing popularity among players. So the following new levels have been added to revitalize air armies while boosting their defensive capacity against ground rush: Canon level 14, Lava Hound level 4, and Balloon level 7.

2. Townhall 7+ - New Spring Trap levels 2-5 have been included in the recent update with minor capacity increases to enable players to catch additional units from time to time including an extra Valkyrie.


New troops include Miner at Town Hall 10 and Baby Dragon at Town Hall 9. As the name suggests, the Miner goes underground which enables it to go under the walls and penetrate almost anywhere on the battlefield or stealthily goes inside a village. The new Baby Dragon troop doesn't have enough firepower compared to a regular dragon troop but it does leave a decent damage to buildings when left to its own device and throws a tantrum.


Taken directly out of the Clash Royale book, the Skeleton Spell at Town Hall 9 enables players to call a legion of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield. A clone spell is also available. When dropped in the path of troops, the number of troops that pass through it will double.

Meanwhile, new reports suggest that Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. is currently locked in an ongoing negotiations with Supercell's majority owner, Japanese telecom giant Softbank Group, to buy out the latter's stake in the Finnish gaming company, Master Herald reported.

Under Softbank's ownership, Supercell has been given the free reign to operate as an autonomous subsidiary following the telecom giant's 73% acquisition of the Finnish game development company. Regardless of who the future majority owner of the company will be, CEO Ikka Paananen firmly stated that the studio will retain its creative independence and will continue to operate autonomously. Should a deal with Tencent proceeds, the Chinese internet company would have to pay Softbank's stake at $5.5 billion valuation.

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