WWE Rumors: Top Ten Observations at 2016 'Extreme Rules' You Might Have Missed

By Jenn Loro - 28 May '16 10:49AM

Last Sunday, WWE fans were thrown into frenzy with the eighth installment of the promotion's Extreme Rules PPV live at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The event was largely predictable with one out five WWE titles changed hands. However, Extreme Rules were certainly crazy enough to make the evening worthwhile.

WWE Extreme Rules marked the much anticipated return of pro wrestling superstar Seth Rollins following a six-month absence from the ring due to an injury in which he furiously attacked Roman Reigns just minutes after the WWE World Heavyweight champion retained his title after burying AJ Styles' challenge in the breathtaking main card event, Independent reported.

It was the second Reigns-Styles epic battle in less than a month. The whole crowd suddenly burst into frantic madness when Rollins suddenly entered the picture moments after Styles failed attempt to nab the title from reigns. The WWE Extreme Rules event also saw The Miz retaining the belt by using his underhand tactics to defeat Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn in the Fatal Four-Way match with the Intercontinental Championship title at stake.

Rollins' near-epic comeback in last Sunday's event was a significant boost for WWE which has been struggling for months due to a lack of star power following a slew of injuries that plague many of its superstars prior to WrestleMania 32, CBS Sports reported.

Now with Rollins thrust back into the title scene against Roman Reigns, where does it leave AJ Styles after two consecutive failures at championship title snatch? Certainly, WWE might brewing up a new storyline to incorporate Rollins, Styles, and Reigns into the Money in the Bank which happens in June which will reportedly include John Cena.

The following summary is compilation of top ten observations of what transpired at Sunday's Extreme Rule in New Jersey as per WhatCulture:

1. Well, AJ Styles and Roman Reigns have been locked into two main events in less than a month with the former consecutively ended up losing to the latter. Interestingly, a highly resurgent Styles made sure his wrestling adversary's face never hit the steel chair. By careful studying their choreography, Styles appeared to have deliberately trying his best to avoid Reigns' face colliding with the metal even as he dropped the defending title holder with his signature Styles Clash. Fortunately for Reigns, his face did land safely on the canvas.

2. WWE referees are more than just mere personnel that do officiating tasks. They actually have multipurpose tasks. So at one point when AJ Styles decided to roll back the ringside mats to suggest a Styles Clash on the floor in a bid to further tease an already hyped crowd, the mats seemed to stuck and wouldn't stay in place so ref Mike Chioda briefly went in to the scene without a fuss and made sure the pesky mats don't get in the way of a smooth match.

3. Natalya and Charlotte just flopped to make the most out of their lofty Submission Match sub-main card event at Extreme Rules. What a missed opportunity.

4. The crowd really sounded disinterested in the Asylum Match involving Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose that people started shouting Seth Rollins' name. While the loud chants didn't last long, it was clearly audible to hurt both wrestlers who worked their best to entertain the crowd.

5. The New Day are known for wacky acts before a match. Before facing The Vaudevillains, the WWE Tag-Team Champs managed to insert sexual references in their pre-match speech especially with Xavier Woods asking women to PM pictures on microblogging platform Twitter

6. Kevin Owens is not really the typical WWE Superstar that every wrestling fan has in mind. He's not exactly tall and muscular but what he lacks in physique he makes up for talent and self-confidence. To date, he seems to have good rookie year with consistent appearances in all PPV events including last Sunday's Extreme Rules.

7. It's already given: Roman Reigns is one of the most hated WWE figures who still managed to cling on to WWE championship titles despite repeated attempts to nab it away from him. And by association, the New Jersey crowd relentlessly booed at The Usos who were rolling with the much hated WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

8. Corey Graves was part of the Kickoff panel who was hyping the crowd's enthusiasm for the event. In the event he was trying to retell the events of the last year's Extreme Rules with match between Roman and Reigns and Bray Wyatt which never really occurred. Fortunately, his erroneous comment seemed to have not been noticed by fans last Sunday night.

9. Paul Heyman's original Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) is still pretty much beloved but that didn't stop Big Cass from badmouthing it with insults while The Dudley Boyz stood and listened.

10. The Miz's cowardly heel character transformed into weird and deluded character which was a superb acting on his part making the Kickoff show quite interesting.

Meanwhile, the results of the last Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV are summarized as follows: Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles; Charlotte defeated Natalya; Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho; The Miz defeated Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn; Rusev defeated Kalisto; Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated The Usos; and Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler.

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