‘Justice League’ News Update: Movie Set to Feature a Very Unexpected Villain!

By Dipannita - 13 May '16 08:43AM

All fans of DC's upcoming movie- Justice League: Part One, have a surprise lined up as the superheroes action drama will introduce you to an unexpected villain.

According to reports, fans will come face to face with a somewhat unknown villain, as opposed to Darkseid- one of Superman's most famous villains. Birth Movie Death has reported that the not-so-popular villain will be Steppenwolf. DC Comics fans know him as the uncle of the evil Darkseid.

The name of Steppenwolf came to light after Warner Bros. released a mysterious deleted scene from the recently-released Batman V. Superman. It featured a horned alien who shares very less similarity with the character design of Steppenwolf in the DC Comics version.

However, Birth Movie Death is sure that Steppenwolf will make an entry in the Justice League film. And the news is credible enough to be believed because the outlet has been known to report correct information with relation to the DC Universe and its properties. It has strong sources and the scoops are quite on the mark.

Still, one should leave some room for doubt as no official confirmation has come from DC or Warner Bros.

Now, if one takes the views of the movie's fans into account, they feel that Steppenwolf could prove to be a great choice. The filmmakers would get a clean slate to work with him and he would also provide a window to the world shared by Darkseid. As for Darkseid, he will appear in the movie but won't be the main villain.

It may be mentioned here that Steppenwolf appeared in the latest comic book issue as a human with a giant axe, aiming to invade the earth. He is likely to appear with the same motive, but will have a different avatar in the film. Director Jack Snyder is also expected to work hard in order to woo the fans who were not much impressed with his latest work.

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