NBA Rumors: Patrick Ewing Hired As Head Coach In Sacramento Kings

By Jenn Loro - 17 Apr '16 11:42AM

Patrick Ewing is currently a subject of a number of NBA rumors swirling recently. Now that the regular season has ended, heads are starting to roll in a bloody purge of coaches with disappointing performance stats to their name. With vacancies starting to increase in numbers, Ewing has spoken of his readiness to go head coaching. Sacramento Kings is reportedly eyeing to hire him, at least, to give him that valuable opportunity of leading a team on the hardcourt.

As reported by Sacramento Bee, there are reasons to believe that the Kings might just be Ewing's ultimate chance to run a team, this time as a head coach.

"League sources indicated former Kings guard Vinny Del Negro, Jeff Hornacek, Kevin McHale and Patrick Ewing are among the names being considered. The sources did not want to be identified because they are not authorized to speak on the matter," Jason Jones wrote for the Sacramento Bee.

With veteran coach George Karl's recent troubles resulting to his eventual firing, a replacement is looming as the hunt for the new coach begins. The franchise's top brass seemed to have already found the will to rid him off the team as communication in the organization broke down from hardcourt rank-and-file players, the middle management, and the front office.

"In some ways, a dismissal might be a relief to Karl, as communication between the coach and the front office has not been ideal. Divac fired one of Karl's assistants, Vance Walberg, in February, and Divac stopped Karl from suspending Cousins in November after a locker room tirade," Slam Online reported.

The sports site further noted, "Players were frustrated with Karl most of the season, and it showed on the court. They distrusted the coach's defensive schemes and needed more direction on offense. Players also privately complained that Karl didn't hold his stars accountable. [...] The latest communication breakdown came this week when the front office did not tell Karl his top players weren't going on the final trip."

Meanwhile, Patrick Ewing hopes to land a full-time head coaching job for the Knicks this offseason. Despite being a successful assistant coach for more than a decade, Ewing is yet to see a job opportunity knocking at his door.

"You know, this is a great fit for me. I have my number up there," Ewing reportedly said as quoted by Sports World News. "I still live in the area. If I get an opportunity for an interview I'd be happy."

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