Dance Moms Spoilers: Ziegler Left Abby Lee Miller After Episode 15

By Jenn Loro - 17 Apr '16 11:43AM

Lifetime's hit reality show 'Dance Moms' Season Six reveals a number of tension-filled scenes as Melissa Gisoni finally drops the bomb about her decision to pull her daughters (the Ziegler sisters) out from ALDC while their coach Abby Lee Miller faces fraud complaints. Maddie's position within the group is increasingly threatened with Brynn's arrival which only strengthens their resolve to withdraw.

Maddie Ziegler has always been Miller's favorite. As she bids farewell to the reality TV series, ALDC Season 6, and her teammates, the young upstart dancer breaks down in tears. As reported by Radar Online, Melissa revealed her plans to her fellow moms and coach Miller on Episode 16. While some saw it coming, others felt it was either too soon or too extreme.

With her departure, 13-year-old Maddie, who famously starred in 'Chandelier' music video, is reportedly eyeing for a prospective Hollywood career. Maddie's dancing prowess has been featured in 'Elastic Heart' and 'Big Girls Cry' and is even slated to appear in a Sia film project 'Sister', as mentioned by Teen Vogue in a report. If you think her schedule isn't well-stuffed with new projects and deals, Maddie is also reportedly working alongside Lee Pace, Naomi Watts, and Jacob Tremblay in the film 'The Book of Henry' where she assumes the role of dance-talented Christina Sickleman who is physically abused by her violent father.

Maybe Gisoni is right after all in pulling out her daughters from the show to pursue a career outside the reality TV show although, admittedly, the show has been quite influential in helping her establish an upstart Hollywood career. In addition, Gisoni doesn't seem to have much faith in Miller as the embattled coach faces a string of fraud cases including concealment of bankruptcy assets, false bankruptcy declarations, and bankruptcy fraud. Such cases involving her might jeopardize Melissa Gisoni's daughters' promising dancing careers as reported by Movie News Guide.

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