Most Beautiful Man and Woman Revealed, According to Scientists

By Maria Slither - 08 Apr '15 11:08AM

Electronically-generated faces of the most beautiful man and woman are recently revealed after a two-months old study conducted in the United Kingdom as to what Brits considered 'ideal beauty.'

Using the the EFIT-V PhotoFit software used by UK police to create e-fits, Dr. Chris Solomon of the University of Kent (also a specialist in facial mapping) designed different facial profiles that are based on people's responses from a survey, Express UK said.

In the survey, 100 respondents are asked to rate the templates and how they conceive what's 'attractive' in terms of nose size, full lips, or hair style/color of a person.

As a result, most respondents think that the ideal face is that of Emma Stone or Natalie Portman 'with thick, striking eyebrows, a heart-shaped head and lush lips.'

"Interestingly, for the female face of beauty women rated a sexier appearance as the most beautiful than their male counterparts - women perceived fuller lips, a slimmer face, larger eyes and higher cheekbones as the most beautiful, more so than the male population."

And for the male counterpart, respondents think that having a strong jawline, rustic stubble, and dark hair is the epitome of beauty.

"For the male face of beauty, women drew a more feminine face than men - women rate a softer jaw-line, slimmer face, fuller lips and clean-shaven look as the most attractive, compared to the more masculine appearance that is considered the most attractive by men," the scholar said.

According to Metro, the study is commissioned by Samsung in their launching of their Galaxy S6 and has limit its scope in testing the concept of 'ideal beauty' among those living in the UK.

"It's important to note that these are the idealised faces according to those living in the UK, so a study in Asia or Africa for example would no doubt have different results," Dr. Solomon said.

Meanwhile, photographer Mihaela Noroc previously produced a series called "The Atlas Of Beauty" as he catalogued beautiful faces from the 37 countries that he has been part of his world travel. The journey is said to be done in a very tight budget but the results have been very revolutionary, Medical Daily said.

"Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it's not a matter of cosmetics or sizes but more about being yourself," Noroc said describing her project.

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