Pre-installed Apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 can only be Hidden, Never be Un-installed.

By Ajay Kadkol - 08 Apr '15 11:01AM

Samsung has introduced two new members to the Galaxy family, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Edge. However, both these phones are subjected to a lot of debate with regards to the applications that comes pre-installed in the phones.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are brought by different carriers in the market, such as Sprint, etc. the carriers have installed few applications in the phone, few of which can be uninstalled, while others cannot be uninstalled.

Though the company had announced that all pre-installed applications can be uninstalled, the company takes a different stand now by saying that, only few applications can be uninstalled, while the others cannot be uninstalled, but can only be hidden.

Sprint, one of the U.S. carriers allows only some of the pre-installed applications to be uninstalled. Some of the applications that can be uninstalled include Sprint Music, Sprint TV and Movies, and Sprint Featured applications.

Sprint's version of the Edge has a number of pre-loaded apps, some that cannot be uninstalled and others that can be. In addition to Sprint TV & Movies and Nascar Mobile, Sprint has pre-loaded these 10 additional apps that can be uninstalled: 1Weather, Messaging +, NBA Game Time, Sprint Music Plus, Scout, FamilyWall for Sprint, Sprint Music Plus, Sprint Family Locator, Sprint Fun & Games and Sprint Worldwide

Sprint has also installed these six apps than cannot be removed: Connections Optimizer, Lookout, Sprint ID, Sprint Zone (for tracking a user's wireless account), Visual Voicemail and Wi-Fi Calling.

Thus, by including the feature of pre-loaded applications, the company and the third parties look forward for generating revenues by advertisements and attracting users to different offers and apps over the internet.

However, there are certain third party software's that would help users to uninstall applications. But, by doing so, it would terminate the warranty given by Samsung.

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