Police Find Autistic Boy Missing for 4 nights in Australian Forest

By Ajay Kadkol - 08 Apr '15 11:04AM

Luke Shambrook, a 11 year old Autistic Boy was found walking in the Australian dense forest, after the boy had gone missing for four nights.

The climatic conditions went as worst as below nine degrees Celsius, with few showers; the parents thought that the boy might have died by drowning in the lake, inside the dense forest.

The hopes of the authorities were up, when they discovered the boy's beanie far from the lake. More than 129 searchers were deployed in the forest for the search.

Luke Shambrook was spotted from the police helicopter before noon in the Fraser National Park in Victoria state 3KM (2 miles) from his family's campground where he had disappeared.

"We are told that Luke is well, that he is exhausted, he's suffering hypothermia and he's also dehydrated," Police Commander Rick Nugent reported.

His parents were overwhelmed after locating the missing boy. Medical assistance was given to the boy soon after the rescue.

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