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Scientists Claimed That Jupiter's Europa Is An Icy Noisy Moon

By Rain Cervantes - Dec 17, 2016 06:26 AM EST

Recently, scientists discover that ice-covered world of Europa has a noisy large ocean splashes.

IBM's Watson Is The New Computer Brain Of NASA's Complex Aerospace Research

By Rain Cervantes - Dec 17, 2016 01:40 AM EST

NASA is partnering with IBM to put its Watson computer system which ananlyze unstructured text that would help in-flight complicated problems.

HIV Cure News, Updates 2016: Scientists Now One Step Closer To Find Cure For HIV

By Maria Follet - Dec 19, 2016 07:55 AM EST

Recent reports claim that scientists are now very close to figuring out the cure for HIV.

This So-Called Search Engine For Geniuses Is Now Expanding Into 100 Languages - And It's Not Google

By Victoria Stark - Dec 17, 2016 09:26 AM EST

Omnity, the search engine that specializes in technical and scientific research, is now going multi-lingual, and offering its services free to the public.

NASA: Space Station Bound Astronaut To Hold Live Q&A With Students; HUNCH Program For Early Space Training?

By Maria David - Dec 17, 2016 09:38 AM EST

NASA is planning to improve the awareness of space science on the fresh minds of the youth by hosting a live interaction between a school and an astronaut currently in outer space.

How To Save Humanity? Scientists' Idea Of Blowing Deadly Armageddon Space Rocks Into Pieces!

By Rain Cervantes - Dec 16, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Scientists and researching were planning to blow space rocks hitting an orbital course into Earth. These people came up with blowling asteroids into pieces.

NASA's Juno Snapping Dramatic Artwork of Jupiter's String Of Pearls!

By Mary Lourd - Dec 16, 2016 05:40 AM EST

NASA's Juno spacecraft snapped highlights of the seventh of eight features forming a ‘string of pearls’ on Jupiter.

NASA Exo-Brake: Space Parachute Protects Small Spacecraft On Its Way Returning To Earth

By Mary Lourd - Dec 15, 2016 01:36 PM EST

Japan's H-II Transfer Vehicle carries a cross-shaped parachute calledExo-Brake which helps small satellite on its way to returning to planet Earth without burning

Polar Vortex Weather Phenomenon Arriving In Two Waves: Here's Everything You Need To Know

By Rita Mendoza - Dec 15, 2016 05:01 AM EST

Polar Vortex will be blasting through the United States again.

Newly Discovered Exoplanet, HAT-P-7b Have Clouds Of Rubies And Sapphires

By R. A. Jayme - Dec 15, 2016 05:20 AM EST

Researchers with the University of Warwick have detailed the discovery of a new planet called HAT-P-7b, an exoplanet that experiences violent storms. New discovery shows that the exoplanet's atmosphere may contain rubies and sapphires.

Alien Infrastructures On Planet Mars Spotted By NASA Photos; Red Planet Said To Be New Home Of Aliens?

By Carl Anthony - Dec 15, 2016 06:28 AM EST

Many evidence now shows that Aliens are real. Photos show three-mile-tall infrastructures on the red planet.

Project Blue To Discover And Photograph Of Earth-Like Planets At Alpha Centauri Soon

By Carl Anthony - Dec 15, 2016 05:30 AM EST

Finding an Earth-like planet is a success for Project Blue. With so many possibilities out there, Alpha Centauri system may be the answer.

SpaceX's Dragon Capsule Not Yet Ready To Send Austronauts To Space Until 2018

By Carl Anthony - Dec 14, 2016 04:00 PM EST

SpaceX will not send astronauts to space until 2018. After the explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket in September, NASA will ensure that it won't happen again.

Brightest Supernova Ever: A Violent Black Hole Eating Up Star?

By Erika Ivene - Dec 15, 2016 09:48 AM EST

Space observers instantly fell in love with the "brightest supernova ever." Looks can be deceiving, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Superluminous Transient Supernova ASASSN-15lh Explosion, Biggest Blast Ever!

By Rain Cervantes - Dec 15, 2016 03:00 AM EST

The ASASSN-15lh explosion creates supermassive gravitational forces that light up 20 times brighter than the total stars' output in the entire the Milky Way.

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