Global Warming News, Updates: Arctic Records Alarming High Temperature

By Maria Follet - 07 Jan '17 05:28AM

The adverse effects of global warming - Ice caps melting, glaciers slowly fading, cold places starting to feel warm for the first time - are among the problems that humanity is facing. Scientists have noticed  temperature change at the coldest places on Earth and they are feeling nervous because of the discovery.

Records of temperature showed that the Arctic reached 35 degress Farenheit - warm by the Arctic standards. It is said to be the highest among recorded temperatures from other cold places on Earth. Upon discovering this, scientists began warning the public about the negative effects it may bring in the future.

Jeremy Mathis, Director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Arctic Research Program, said that sudden freezing of some parts of the Arctic, particularly its ocean is unusual.  Given that the place had experienced warming and suddenly shifting to a much colder temperature is both questionable and alarming.

Studies have verified claims that temperatures around the world are gradually increasing. And, one big contribution for this is the climate change that is caused by human's abuse. 2016 was even called as the Hottest Earth Year since 1880.

According to The Mercury News, the heat index broke records of 2015 and 2014. In a statement of a Climate Change Scientist, Noah S. Diffenbaugh from the Stanford University, this is a painful fact. The observation by these facts alone can give an implication to the people that it is now time to take actions.

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association will have its final data gathering and analysis, as regards to the previous year's temperature. Director Mathis added in a statement featured in Time that the Arctic is a perfect proof that the world is now experiencing a worse scenario of global warming. Even the Climate Central, an organization of experts in science, claims that the recent high temperature at the Arctic is now very unusual.

Time will tell whether the Earth will be healed sooner. Or is it rather the actions of the humans which can tell if how soon the Earth will be able to endure the sickness that it has right now because of people's damaging actions to Mother Nature?

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