Donald Trump

Video: New York Trump Rally Stirred By Brawling Supporters And Protestors

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 13, 2016 06:58 AM EDT

Donald Trump's latest rally in Albany, N.Y., had two men get into a verbal brawl and then an ugly physical confrontation.

Video: Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio Trade Some Racially Charged Jokes

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 12, 2016 04:29 PM EDT

A rather awkward and racially loaded joke seems to have got the wire buzzing.

Ted Cruz: Trump Is 'whining' over GOP nominating process

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 12, 2016 01:03 PM EDT

The top two Republican contestants trade charges against each other's tactics to win the war.

CIA Director Says They Won't Use Some Interrogation Techniques Even If Prez Tells Them To

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 11, 2016 06:45 PM EDT

Controversial interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, amount to torture, and the CIA would not use them even if the President told them to do so, said CIA Director, John Brennan.

Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Survivors Slam Pope Francis For Inaction

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 11, 2016 11:16 AM EDT

Pope Francis has not done anything much to address the issue of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic Church priests, feel survivors.

Video: 'Saturday Night Live' Jeers At Desperate Hillary Clinton's Bid To Win New York

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 11, 2016 07:01 AM EDT

On "Saturday Night Live," Kate McKinnon role-played Hillary Clinton's desperation to overshoot Bernie Sanders in the New York primary, which will be held on April 19, 2016.

Bernie Sanders Recalls His Tears On Hearing Of His Family's Death In Holocaust

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 10, 2016 03:47 PM EDT

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders built his speech on Jewish faith while addressing a forum on racial injustice at Harlem, on Saturday.

Belgium Arrests 4 In ISIS Brussels Terror Attack

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 10, 2016 03:46 PM EDT

Belgian police arrested four suspects who had been thought to be part of the March terrorist bombings.

Apple's encryption battle with the FBI is not yet done

By Ajay Kadkol - Apr 10, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

A US court have now ordered Apple to crack an iPhone in another case in the name of fighting crime. Apple still are firm on their decision. A US magistrate court in Massachusetts has signed a court order demanding Apple to retrive content in the form of text messages, pictures along with other data from their cloud servers uploaded through the culprit's iPhone last year to help police investigate suspected gang crimes according to a document uploaded online by the ACLU.

Bill Nye: Millennials Can Pressurise Republicans To Tackle Climate Change

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 09, 2016 09:07 AM EDT

Bill Nye believes that millennials can influence upcoming Republican candidates to address the challenges of climate change.

Google Play removes Taliban app on its Play Store over Hate Speech Concerns

By Ajay Kadkol - Apr 08, 2016 03:17 PM EDT

Internet tech giants Google also the acquirers of Android OS have removed a propaganda app created by Taliban militants over hate speech concerns.

Newtown Middle School Teacher Arrested For Bringing A Loaded Gun To School

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 07, 2016 06:58 AM EDT

Jason Adams, 46, was found carrying a loaded gun to school, and was immediately taken into custody.

Is Wisconsin Trump's Waterloo?

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 06, 2016 02:33 PM EDT

Donald Trump is subdued after losing his popularity in Wisconsin.

Kim Jong Un Dead? Twitter Post Appears Skeptical

Apr 06, 2016 09:43 AM EDT

Kim Jong-Un is dead according to a twitter user. The North Korea dictator was reported to be dead by a false twitter account of Han Min-goo, from the Korean Defense Ministry. Since then the account has been suspended.

Ford to Invest $1.6 Billion in Mexico Plant, Trump Says "It's Absolute Disgrace"

By Daniel Lee - Apr 05, 2016 10:28 PM EDT

Ford to Invest $1.6 Billion in Mexico Plant, Trump Says "It's Absolute Disgrace"

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