Cats Prefer Human Interaction Than Food

Cats Are More Interested In Human Interaction Than Food, Study Says

By Carrie Winters - Mar 30, 2017 05:30 AM EDT

A new study indicates that cats prefer to interact with humans than their food. This latest study about cats has recently been published in the journal Behavioural Processes.

Cat Ownership Not Linked With Psychosis

Cat Ownership Does Not Affect Psychosis, Study Says; Warns Pregnant Women In Handling Cat Litter

By Carrie Winters - Feb 23, 2017 05:47 AM EST

There were studies that suggested that cat owners are likely to suffer from psychosis. However, a latest study from the University of London indicates that there is no link between the cat and the mental disorder.

Rescued Stray Cats Wait To Be Adopted

First Bird Flu From Cat To Human Detected In New York; Adoption From Shelters Suspended

By R. A. Jayme - Dec 26, 2016 05:30 AM EST

A veterinarian working with sick cats at a Manhattan shelter has been infected with a strain of influenza A virus, commonly known as the bird flu, according to city Health Department officials.

Wolves and Hyenas

Wolves, Hyenas Bond To Survive In Israel

By Peter R - Mar 21, 2016 05:13 PM EDT

Zoologists were taken by surprise when they first spotted hyena and wolf footprints together. Direct observations later confirmed their suspicion.

Grumpy Cat appears at Lifetime's Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever event

Cats Have Evolved Bitter Taste Receptors To Protect Themselves From Poison

By R. Siva Kumar - Oct 26, 2015 09:33 AM EDT

Cats can now taste toxins in skin and bones to keep themselves from ingesting poison.

Cat, Dog

Cats Don't Need Humans As Much As Dogs: Study

By Peter R - Sep 07, 2015 06:52 PM EDT

The new study found that cats are more independent as pets compared to dogs which are attached to humans for safety and security.

Meet Corduroy, the World's Oldest Cat

Meet Corduroy, the World's Oldest Cat

By Dustin Braden - Aug 15, 2015 11:20 AM EDT

The state of Oregon has a new claim to fame: it is home to the world’s oldest cat.

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