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Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokémon GO’ Holiday Event Update Is Coming, Two Events Are Confirmed, Know More Details

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 24, 2016 06:26 AM EST

"Pokémon GO" is getting Xmas and New Year updates per the developer, gamers will have a bonanza for next two weeks.

Alabama v Virginia Tech

‘Alabama Football’: Team Gets Ready To Win The Title; Know Their Preparations For The Peach Bowl

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 23, 2016 05:26 PM EST

The defense of the Alabama should show their consistency in the Peach Bowl, otherwise, the story will be different.

Obama Outlines Policy For Open And Free Internet

Android Malware Saga Continues; This Time It Was Used By Russians To Track Military Of Ukraine?

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 23, 2016 05:18 PM EST

It is high time to bring uniform cyber laws to bring down the cyber crime rate otherwise the situation will be worse in the coming years.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Taiwan

‘Pokémon Go’ Update Released; See What Is Added To The Gaming, Is This Christmas Update?

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 23, 2016 12:29 PM EST

The latest "Pokémon Go" may not satisfy the gamers considering there is no significant gifts or introduction in the game.

Robots Play Football During 2016 World Robot Conference In Beijing

‘Westworld’ Kind Of Parks A Future Reality Or Is It Just An Imagination? An Analysis on AI And Robotics

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 23, 2016 05:45 AM EST

The advancement of AI and Robotics will open endless possibilities and Westworld kind of parks are one among them.

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

‘NES Classic Edition’ Stock Update: Try These Options To Get The Retro Console Before Christmas

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 22, 2016 06:35 PM EST

Nintendo saw 196,000 sales of NES Classic Edition in a month, still, people are rushing for the console.

North Carolina v Duke

‘NFL Draft 2017’: Mitch Trubisky of North Carolina And Tim Williams of Alabama Are Lining Up For The Draft

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 22, 2016 04:50 PM EST

The players like Mitch Trubisky are sure bet for NFL Draft 2017, but it may also see some surprise faces.

Indonesia's Deforestation Rate Becomes Highest In The World

“Artificial Leaf’ Developed By Dutch Scientists Recreates Photosynthesis And Helps Make Medicine; Can Avert Food Shortage In The Future?

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 22, 2016 04:40 PM EST

The new "artificial leaf" is expected to reduce the dependability on nature and hence would improve its diversity.

MTV's 'Teen Wolf' And 'Sweet/Vicious' Premiere Event

‘Teen Wolf' Season 6 Episode 6: The Finale Episode ‘Ghosted’ Airs On Jan. 3, It Will Show How The Friends Are Rejoined

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 22, 2016 05:58 AM EST

The Teen Wolf finale "Ghosted" is expected to get the highest viewership of the season.

'Passengers' - Photocall

‘Passengers’ Movie Review: An Average Movie That Has Nothing New To Offer; Disappoints As A Science Fiction Movie?

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 21, 2016 06:17 PM EST

"Passengers" have failed to meet the expectations of the average viewers except for the performance of Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Expedition 46 On International Space Station Credit: ESA / Handout

‘SpaceX’ Needs More Time To Resume The Services; See What Are The Plans Of Elon Musk

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 21, 2016 06:10 PM EST

Elon Musk has bigger ambitions in space science and he can revive his plans through "SpaceX" with careful moves.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

'Pokémon Go' Christmas Update Confirmed; Reportedly Comes With Gift Boxes, Pokemon Eggs And More

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 21, 2016 07:01 AM EST

The "Pokémon Go" Xmas update is expected to add more Pokemon, Pokeball and eggs to engage the gamers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys

‘Ezekiel Elliott’ And His Sunday Touchdown Brings Fortunes For The 'Salvation Army'; Group Gets Donation Boost From Fans

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 20, 2016 05:17 PM EST

Ezekiel Elliott could give a clear message to the audience with his act while making his contribution.

Mark Zuckerberg Attends Mobile World Congress 2016

Zuckerberg’s Next Plan: Jarvis, The Home AI assistant; Is It Similar To ‘Amazon Alexa’? These Points Have The Answer

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 20, 2016 05:00 PM EST

Zuckerberg is reportedly deployed one-third of Facebook engineers to AI projects recently, considering the future bet.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Facebook Messenger Gets Another Feature: Now Users Can Video Chat With 50 People, Know More About It

By Jeff Thompson - Dec 20, 2016 04:50 PM EST

Facebook is trying desperately to make Messenger popular with additional features in the recent past.

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