‘Ezekiel Elliott’ And His Sunday Touchdown Brings Fortunes For The 'Salvation Army'; Group Gets Donation Boost From Fans

By Jeff Thompson - 20 Dec '16 17:17PM

Ezekiel Elliott is not only bringing fortunes for his team Dallas Cowboys, but he also found to be bringing the same for "The Salvation Army" as well. The second touchdown on Sunday night against Tampa Bay Buccaneers has made a sudden boost in the donations to the international charitable organization and it got 61 percent more than expected.

Interestingly, on Sunday in the nerve thriving match, Ezekiel Elliott ran further after touchdown and gone beyond the ground. Then, he jumped into The Salvation Army kettle placed in the corner of the ground. With his act, he tried to demonstrate the need for donation in seconds, though he received an immediate penalty for the kind of celebration, but later scrapped by the NFL considering the good intention of the rookie of Cowboys.

Apart from the celebration, Ezekiel Elliott came up on Twitter and declared that he would donate $21K to The Salvation Army. He also requested his fans to donate to the organization as it can help others in feeding. Interestingly, he declared that whatever the fine he gets from NFL, a similar amount would be paid as a donation to The Salvation Army. Since NFL did not charge any fine for him, Ezekiel Elliott came forward and donated $21K, considering his jersey number in Cowboys is 21.

The spokesman of The Salvation Army Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe has confirmed that the day saw a sharp rise in online donations and received 61 percent more of the average donations. He confirmed that even when there is organized campaign such a response is not expected. Interestingly, many of the donations are $21 like what Elliot requested to donate to his fans and this clearly shows that his gesture has made a good impact in the donations.

The game won by Cowboys at 26-20 against Buccaneers and the high viewership match has brought a good reason to remember with the helping gesture. Ezekiel Elliott is found to be the avid supporter of The Salvation Army, which runs shelters, charity shops for homeless people. The name of the organization is also heard in humanitarian works and various disaster relief activities as well.

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