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Kim Kardashian West: 'I Don't Do Fillers or Botox When Pregnant'

By Ashwin Subramania - Jul 05, 2015 03:09 PM EDT

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Friday to let her fans know that she wasn't resorting to any plastic surgery to look her best while she was pregnant.


Christopher Reeve's Daughter Names New Born Son After Her Late Father

By Ashwin Subramania - Jul 05, 2015 03:09 PM EDT

Alexandra Reeve Givens, the daughter of late actor Christopher Reeve welcomed their first child last month.

Affleck/getty Images

Ben Affleck Takes Mother's Help for Support After Split?

By Ashwin Subramania - Jul 05, 2015 03:08 PM EDT

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck is reportedly getting help from his mother while dealing with his split from estranged wife Jennifer Garner.


Jeremy Renner Not Bothered By Gay Rumors: 'I Don't Care

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 11:25 AM EDT

Jeremy Renner says that rumors about his sexual orientation on the internet has in a way assured him that he has made it in Hollywood.

ELilly/Getty Images

Ant Man Star Evangeline Lilly is Pregnant With Her Second Child

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 11:24 AM EDT

Evangeline Lilly showed up at the red carpet premiere of 'Ant Man' with a baby bump and revealed to the press that she is 7 month along on her pregnancy.

OnlnePrdtr/Getty Images

Father Saves Daughter from Alleged Predator She Met Through Phone App

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 09:03 AM EDT

A father in Southern California was able to save his 12 year old daughter from an alleged predator whom she met through a phone app.


Avril Lavigne Gets Emotional While Talking About Her Battle With Lyme Disease

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 08:59 AM EDT

In an interview to Good Morning America, Avril Lavigne opened up for the first time about her struggle Lyme disease.


Cord Milking Best for Infants Delivered Through C Section

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 08:59 AM EDT

A new study has revealed that by massaging the umbilical cord of preterm infants delivered through C Section, you can increase the levels of red blood cells, improve blood pressure and also induce better blood flow - to and from the heart.


Sugary Drinks May Kill 184,000 People Yearly, Study

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 08:58 AM EDT

In the first global report on sugar sweetened beverages, scientists believe that these soda and energy drinks may be linked to 184,000 adult deaths worldwide.

Donald Trump's Companies Requested and Got Work Visas for Thousands of Immigrants

Donald Trump Axed From 'The Apprentice' After 14 Seasons

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 30, 2015 08:57 AM EDT

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been axed from 'The Apprentice' following his racist comments on Mexican immigrants in which he referred to them as 'rapists'.


US Kids Suffer Alarmingly High Rates of Assault, Abuse, Study

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 29, 2015 02:28 PM EDT

A new study has revealed that more than one third of children in the US have been subjected to physical violence - mostly by their peers or siblings in the past year.

SwPool/Getty Images

CDC Warns of Dangerous Pool Parasites This Summer

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 29, 2015 02:27 PM EDT

The Centers for Disease Control has advised swimmers to take a shower before jumping into a swimming pool to avoid the spread chlorine resistant pathogen cryptosporidium.

OH/Getty Images

Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson's Dad Disowns Them: "Dead to Me Now"

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 29, 2015 10:52 AM EDT

Bill Hudson responded with strong words after his son Oliver Hudson had referred to Father's Day as 'Abandonment Day' earlier this month.


Bristol Palin: 'This pregnancy was actually planned'

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 29, 2015 10:51 AM EDT

Less than two days after Bristol Palin had called her unborn baby 'a huge disappointment' is now saying that the pregnancy was actually planned.


Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage Nationwide

By Ashwin Subramania - Jun 26, 2015 01:18 PM EDT

The US Supreme Court in a historic decision ruled on Friday that gay and lesbian couples in the country have the constitutional right to marriage.

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