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Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Facebook Messenger Has A Snapchat-like New Feature!

By Ane Fallarme - Dec 22, 2016 09:38 PM EST

Facebook Messenger's new feature looks a lot like a Snapchat copy, but it's not!

Apple Debuts New Operating System, iLife 11 and MacBook Air

Top 7 Laptops And Why You Should Buy It

By Ane Fallarme - Dec 20, 2016 05:48 PM EST

In the market for a new laptop? Well then, here's a list of the Top 7 laptops you should be looking at today!

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

Pokescout: Discover All Pokemon Go Gyms At Once And More!

By Ane Fallarme - Dec 20, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Pokemon Go only allows you to see a Pokemon Go gym that is near your location, which makes it hard to make your team dominate your area, Pokescout solved this problem as well as provided new features serious Pokemon Go players will love.

'Super Mario Run'

Super Mario Run Alternatives For The iOS And Android

By Ane Fallarme - Dec 20, 2016 04:41 AM EST

Super Mario Run alternatives for both iOS and Android users, no APKs here, all legit mobile game apps similar to Super Mario Run, which are fun but underrated!

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