Is ESARegistration Worth the Money? Review and Costs of Getting an Emotional Support Animal

By Staff Reporter - 30 Nov '20 11:04AM
  • Is ESARegistration Worth the Money? Review and Costs of Getting an Emotional Support Animal
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Have you ever noticed that you feel calmer when you're around your pets? Spending time with animals has many proven mental health benefits. But for millions of Americans, it's not merely a source of comfort - it's a lifeline for coping with illness, stress, or disasters.

Your pet could be a source of support, and you can get it officially recognized by registering it as an Emotional Support Animal. This registration will give you and your animal additional rights when it comes to renting property and traveling. is an organization that helps people register their pets. From speaking to a licensed therapist to receiving your downloadable ESA guidebook, the site will guide you through the whole process. But is its service worth the money? 

Whether you're looking for an ESA letter, kit, or informative resources, you can find it through this organization. Here, our review gives an in-depth look at the site and what it can do for you.

How Does Work? provides a straightforward process for getting the approval you need to qualify your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. You can register your pet and have protections for travel and rental properties. 

The following steps give a review of this process:

Step 1: Select the Type of ESA Letter You Need

To prove that your animal is an ESA, you will need a certifying letter. This document must have a licensed mental health professional signature and state that your pet is vital in managing your symptoms. offers everything you need to apply for an ESA letter for dogs or cats. When you visit the website, you can navigate to the 'shop' section. Here, you can view all of the products on offer. 

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For your ESA letter, you will need to add the product 'ESA Evaluation Letter' to your cart. On the product page, you'll have to specify the type of letter you need. offers three options for ESA letters on its website: 

  • A Travel Letter ($130). With a valid travel letter, your animal can accompany you into airplane cabins under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). This law states that licensed ESAs can travel in cabins as long as it's practical to do so. Different airlines have restrictions on the species, size, and temperaments of animals you may bring. 

  • A Housing Letter ($140). A housing letter lets you live with your ESA, even in a rental property that excludes pets. Emotional Support Animals are not merely pets but medically approved animals. Therefore, according to the Fair Housing Act (FHA), you won't need to pay a pet charge, and a landlord can't discriminate against you because of your ESA.

  • An ESA Prescription Letter Package ($175). This combination letter will protect you and your animal under the ACAA and the FHA. 

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Once you have selected the type of letter you need and added it to your cart, you will have kickstarted your ESA application. The next stage of the process is to arrange a consultation with a licensed mental health professional such as a therapist.  

Step 2: Meet with a Therapist via Live Video Consultation

A therapist will need to approve your application and sign your letter for it to be valid. has teamed up with a network of mental health professionals qualified to approve ESA letters. 

After you have purchased your letter and entered your contact details, will put you in touch with a therapist. You can organize an online live video consultation with them, during which they will appraise your need for an Emotional Support Animal. 

Step 3: Print the Certifying Letter

If your therapist agrees that an ESA is crucial to your wellbeing, they will prescribe you a letter. 

Your ESA letter needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Written on paper bearing the official letterhead of the therapist's practice

  • Feature their address, contact details, and qualifications

  • State the nature of your mental illness

Once you have received your letter from your therapist, your animal is now an official ESA! 

What Else Does Offer?

The shop sells products, including dog collars, leashes, mini ID cards, etc., for Emotional Support Animals.

There is no legal requirement for your animal to wear a harness, badge, or ID card identifying them as an ESA. However, many people choose to buy their dog or cat a unique collar or harness to wear in public. It helps people recognize the pet is an Emotional Support Animal. 

There's also a range of kits with different products to identify your animal. These are the Premier ESA Identification Kit, the Ultimate ESA Lifetime VIP Kit, the Ultimate VIP All-Access Kit, and the All-You-Need ESA Package:


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Premier ESA Identification Kit ($54.95) 

  • A listing for your ESA in the website's database

  • 1 PVC ID card

  • A downloadable certificate

  • A downloaded ESA guidebook

Ultimate ESA Lifetime VIP Kit ($149)

  • A listing for your ESA in the website's database

  • Replacement IDs for life

  • 2 PVC ID cards

  • An ESA vest or harness

  • 3 mini PVC ID cards

  • A downloadable certificate 

  • A downloadable ESA guidebook

Ultimate VIP All-Access Kit ($69.95) 

  • A listing for your ESA in the website's database

  • 2 PVC ID cards

  • An ESA vest or harness

  • A downloadable certificate

  • A downloadable ESA guidebook

All-You-Need ESA Package ($250)

  • A travel and housing ESA letter 

  • A listing for your ESA in the website's database

  • 2 PVC ID cards

  • 3 mini PVC ID cards

  • An ESA vest or harness, embroidered with your animal's name

  • A downloadable certificate offers harnesses and vests in a range of sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your four-legged friend. If you don't want to buy one of the full kits, these harnesses are also available to purchase separately. 

You don't need to have purchased your valid ESA letter through their organization to buy their products. Remember that the products or services included in these kits - including the database registration and certificates - are NOT legally necessary for your Emotional Support Animal. 

Who Is For? is for anyone who needs a valid ESA letter. You don't need to meet any pre-existing criteria to purchase your letter and arrange your consultation. However, bear in mind that you'll be speaking to an independent therapist. If they decide to deny your application, isn't responsible for their decision. 

Because the website will put you in touch with a therapist, this service is particularly excellent for anyone who isn't already seeing a therapist. 

If you are already seeing a therapist, you can still purchase your letter from Simply opt-out of their complimentary consultation. 

Is the Right Choice for You? 

As we mentioned above, ESARegistration caters to anyone looking to register their ESA. However, it's crucial to read all the terms and conditions on the website before buying your letter. This diligence will ensure that you're buying the most appropriate service for your needs. 

If you live in Ohio or Colorado, telehealth laws mean that your online consultation will not be valid.'s live video consultation is not the right choice. Instead, you'll need to have a therapist who can sign your letter in person. 

Some airlines also specify that an ESA letter must have the signature of a mental health professional providing ongoing care. A one-off consultation won't cut it - you'll need to prove that you're receiving treatment. Airlines that specify this ongoing care include:

  • Delta

  • Jet Blue

  • American

  • United

If you plan to fly with one of these airlines, can help. The therapy practice partnered with the site can offer additional sessions so that you can qualify as an ongoing patient. 

These extra sessions aren't part of the cost of your ESA letter, however. They are only available to people in California, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. 

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  • has teamed up with an independent network of licensed mental health therapists. 

  • It offers a range of ESA products to identify your animal.

  • You can register your ESA for free on its online database (registering alone won't mean your animal is an ESA). 

  • The cost of your online consultation is part of the cost of your letter.


  • You have to pay for your letter before organizing your consultation with a therapist, which means you're paying for a document for which you may not qualify.

  • All ESA letters are non-refundable, even if the therapist denies your application.

  • Video evaluations aren't available to Ohio or Colorado residents due to telehealth laws in those states. 

  • Letters are only available for dogs and cats 

Our Verdict: Is Worth the Money? 

Overall, is an excellent one-stop-shop for anyone applying for a valid ESA letter. Its network of licensed mental health professionals makes it easier to get your letter validated quickly.  

Rather than finding a local therapist and paying for their services, matches you with a professional as part of your application. The organization promises 'hassle-free emotional support animal registration, supplies, and information'. With its easy registration process and wide range of products, it certainly delivers. 

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